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? __WHAT IS GÅ? ESPORTS__? __``? GÅ? stands for Get A Life``__ ? GÅ? is a Amateur & growing-experienced PUBG Mobile Clan that is consists of competitive or non-competitive players worldwide while still having fun and staying friendly to everyone as possible, we grind and strive everday to become one of the best as we are hoping to go Global soon. We are currently attending scrimmages, tournaments, cash matches as we will someday host some! We are finding people who is cooperative and great non-toxic people with legit skills to join us, We are currently in progress of building an Elite Europe & Asia Competitive Team. ? __Requirements__: ``? Working Mic / Audio`` ``? At Least 15+ for Maturity`` ``? Must have a name changer`` ``? Plat 5+ in solo/duo or squads`` ``? KD over 3.0 ( Exceptions can be made)`` ? This eSports organization does not only strive for greatness & strictly being professional but emphasis on not only high elite skill levels but great attitudes and intellects is a must. Our goal is to provide a drama-free environment for everyone to enjoy PUBGM with ? __Expectations__: ``? Attend all Clan Events`` ``? Accurate Call outs for Locations`` ``? Professionalism at ALL times`` ? __What we offer__: ``? Active community`` ``? Support from leaders and admin team`` ``? Rotational tournament roster`` __We are all Looking Forward to Seeing Y'all in the BattleField with the Team!__ __CLAN DISCORD__ : [@here]

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