Dota 2019: Season 2 Announcement

Dota 2019: Season 2 Announcement

Dota 2019: Season 2 Announcement

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Welcome everyone, to Dota 2, with LPL. As you may have already seen here we are fast tracking our road map, and bringing you our Dota 2 Pro division a season earlier! With TV broadcasts, $6k prize pool and a LAN finals, we have 3 spots free that you can fight for in an open qualifier. Check it out here:

Pro: $8k prize pool, 6 team invite division
Challenger: $2k prize pool, 8 team invite division
Amateur: $1k prize pool, open for all players

Total: $11k prize pool

In order to compete in all divisions, players must have an active subscription during the season. Find it here

Our intent is to introduce a pathway for the Dota 2 community, so the teams and players can be broken up in to different skill groups, to provide fair games against equal opponents, while providing a way to climb those divisions until you reach the top.

Challenger Breakdown
1. Shutdown (TBC)
2. Infinity Gaming
3. Raging Apu
4. Australian Gaming Network
5. 1st-4th FFYI
6. 1st-4th FFYI
7. 1st-4th FFYI
8. 1st-4th FFYI
FFYI (Fight for your invite)
To determine the remaining teams invited to the top division, we will be holding an open qualifier on May 20th to determine who gets placed where. Matches will be Bo1 in a Double Elimination bracket with the top 8 invited to Challenger. Please be aware this is NOT AN ODC. Matches will start on the Monday and be scheduled by the teams when they can both find time until the Sunday, where remaining matches will be forced to be played from 7pm on the Sunday.

Once this season is over and have we a solid record of team results, we will introduce a much more stable relegation system rather than a mass FFYI. Teams should sign up for the amateur divisions in preparation for the season, and if you get invited to Challenger or Pro, you will be moved up there from the division you are currently in.

Sign up for the Challenger FFYI here:
See here for the Pro FFYI here:

Key Dates
Challenger FFYI Start Date: 20/05/2019
Challenger FFYI End Date: 26/05/2019

All Divisions Begin: 29/05/2019
Challenger Final Match Night: 10/07/2019
Challenger Semi Finals: 17/07/2019
Amateur Final Match Night: 17/07/2019
Amateur Finals: 18/07/2019 (not an odc)
Challenger Grand Finals: 24/07/2019

Prize Distribution
Pro: $8k
1st - $3600
2nd - $1800
3rd - $1100
4th - $750
5th-6th - $375

Challenger: $2k
1st - $650
2nd - $350
3rd-4th - $250
5th-8th - $125

Amateur: $1k
1st - $200
2nd - $150
3rd-4th - $125
5th-8th - $100

Ladder Format
The Dota 2 ladder is an elo based ladder, with 3 matches assigned per 12 days. Challenger division will have two matches scheduled each Wednesday night at 7pm.
Challenger teams may only reschedule matches with a legitimate reason provided to an administrator, and may only be done twice within the regular season, any further reschedule requests will become forfeits. To reschedule, an administrator must give you permission, and each request will be decided on a case by case basis.

Series Format
All matches are Bo1. Online Finals are Bo3.

A full list of competition rules can be found here

Players can sign up at

Connect with Us
Discord -
Twitter -
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Facebook -
Twitch -


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