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LetsPlayLive Rainbow Six: Siege XBOX Season 1

LetsPlayLive Rainbow Six: Siege XBOX Season 1

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6:30am May 17th 19

Welcome Everyone!

Today we are excited to announce the LetsPlayLive Amateur & Open Divisions for Rainbow Six Siege on XBOX ONE. This will commence on Monday May 27th 2019 & will conclude Sunday July 14th 2019


Amatuer will need a minimum of 8 teams to go ahead, with all players requiring a subscription to CG in order to participate. (https://letsplay.live/subscription/ ) Below is the prize pool we will be running with for the Amateur season

1st: $350
2nd: $150
3rd: $100

Total = $600

The Open division will also return as an entry level league. Open will have free entry, and the winning team will Receive a share of $150

From the home page, click " Sign Up " on the specific laddertop then fill out the details presented to you, and finalize the deal by pressing on the "Create Team/Join Ladder" button.

Season Start & End

Season will start as of Monday May 27th 2019 & will conclude Sunday July 14th 2019

Signups for Open: https://letsplay.live/games/r6siege/r6xbox/open/

Signups for Amateur: https://letsplay.live/games/r6siege/r6xbox/amateur/

On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish every team competing the best of luck for the next coming weeks. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask by either posting in here, contacting an admin via Support Ticket Alternatively, you can join the community Discord channel!.

Many Thanks
LPL Admin Team


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7:30pm May 30th 19 - in reply to TheRealPhadez's post

Yo what are the match settings for the games