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7:40pm May 17th 19 and edited 10:25pm May 21st 19

Decided I might see whats out there again. In no rush to join a team, gonna poke around a bit.

Not toxic and am very dedicated to improving. 1000 aimbotz a day + dm. Watch most of my official demos back as well as analyse pro povs.
Looking for a finals team minimum. not asking for cge but would love a shot.
Am the opposite of a pugstar so dont come in here talking shit because you played a pug with me last month and i middle fragged.

Craftyy, 18, Brisbane

Typically am an IGL/support player but can play any role. Willing to sub.

Sunday-Thursday 6pm AEST

5k+ hours
5x CGA
6x LAN

Online Achievements
ANZ Championship League Season 1 Finals Winner (1st)
CSGO 2019: Season 1 Amateur Finalist (9th-16th)
ANZ Championship League Season 1 Group A (1st)
Faceit Advanced Season 2 Closed Qualifiers Group A (5th)
AOC Silver Summer Series 2018 Finalist (9th-16th)
Faceit Open Season 1 Finalist (5th-6th)
Faceit Open Season 1 Group A (1st)
CGPL Silver Spring 2018 Finalist (9th-16th)

Online Teams (notable ones)
AGN - Craftyy, harbor, neegus, munchie, Zilla/PheN
Sunny Meadows - Craftyy, Zilla, MentalJack, Andrew, Wander


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7:44pm May 17th 19 - in reply to Craftyy-'s post

dedicated player always looking to improve and a sharpie, high cga+


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7:49pm May 17th 19

lol bottom fragged in a pug the other week.
Is a good player and solid IGL


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7:54pm May 17th 19

deserves cga finals good boy


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7:56pm May 17th 19

Honestly really great dude. His teams are always well structured and play good cs, will definitely improve you and your strategy side of the game.

Deffo deserves a finals team.


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8:10pm May 17th 19

Seriously one of the best bubbling talents in AUS this kid could well and truly be a star player if he didnt like IGL'in so much.

Absolutely nuts aim if you give him enough time to warm up. xd Ultra calm calculated IGL, will grind his heart out & awesome dude to hang out with outside of the game.

Would snag him for my team but this kid seriously deserves CGm or a team that can seriously compete for a spot in it.


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11:36pm May 17th 19 - in reply to Craftyy-'s post

Hes not toxic and very dedicated to improving. 1000 aimbotz a day + dm.He watches most of official demos back as well as analyse pro povs. easily a finals team minimum. hes not asking for cge but would love a shot. +rep +1 <3


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11:44pm May 17th 19

Nicest person I've played with. Very sharp despite being an IGL, also a fantastic clutch player. Only downside in in AGN was commitment and not listening to criticism, but this was only towards the end and given the context of being removed as IGL and not being in an ideal team environment i don't think you can blame him.

All around great bloke BOL xx


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12:04am May 18th 19



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12:27am May 18th 19

Sharp and genuine good bloke. BOL mate.


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9:53pm May 22nd 19

gOOd player and nice fella!!



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9:57pm May 22nd 19

good player
it is best player yes!
deserves a good team love this lad.


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