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Alias: Lazy.PTM Age: 20 Location/Time Zone: (Sydney, AEST) Role: Flex/Fragger Operators: Ash/Twitch/Hibana/Maverick/Thermite | Alibi/Ela/Jager/Bandit/Maestro/Echo/Mira/Mute Previous Experience: IGL Experience/Team Organisation/ GO4s, Scrims, CG Matches, CG Bronze - Sevens/Compax/Pentium/Raiders/Molten Aspiration: To compete in a team looking to get to the top of Bronze League in CG/Push Silver League Extra: I've got a competitive sports background as well as IGL/captainship experience so I understand how teams work - can counterstrat post rounds with a few pocket strats up my sleeve. Am looking to join an organised team to add to the potential of a group. I like playing all roles from entry fragger to support roles Availability: Only unavailable Friday/Sunday/Monday nights from 5pm onwards otherwise I am free