[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V27...

[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V27.0 [July 6-7]

[BYOC LAN - VIC] LAN-slide V27.0 [July 6-7]

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10:30pm Jun 12th 19

Winter's here, time to have another LAN Party. LAN-slide is a BYOC LAN party hosting up to 300 players! Around $10,000 worth of prizes will be given away on the day. Similar to last time there will be 2 CS:GO competitions. Any teams knocked out of the main CS:GO competition can enter the Second Shot competition.

The upcoming event is on July 6 and you can register at https://www.lanslide.com.au
Once you've registered, you can register your team for the main 5v5 CS:GO competition.
The website supports both LFT (Looking For Team) and LFP (Looking For Player). This helps incomplete teams find additional players. As always you can always try and find extra players on the day.

CS:GO comp details - https://events.lanslide.com.au/v27/schedule/1200-counter-strike-global-offensive/

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.
Alternatively, jump on our discord server: https://discord.lanslide.com.au


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11:19am Jun 30th 19

If anyone needs another player hit me up <3