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Brandon Willis Designs : Closed / Locked

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8:06pm Jul 27th 19 and edited 5:27am Jul 31st 19

Hello everyone,,
I'm just looking for a signature for myself and 5 other clan members, all the same design obviously, just different names on each of them. And a possible clan logo. For the sig, I'm thinking dark purples and black colour scheme, with a dragon render. I do have a specific dragon I'd like to be incorporated on the right side of the sig and a background picture to suit. Could I get the text on the left hand side saying " vMz " and text in the middle saying " Simon " in white with black shadow/faded slim rectangular box. Also possible 3D water drop effects on some letters would be perfect! Please PM me for render picture/ background and other clan member names. Hope you'd like to give this project a go, would greatly appreciate it! Cheers

2:39am Jan 29th 20

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10:14pm Jun 22nd 22

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