Thanks for trying to ruin the...

Thanks for trying to ruin the zombie modes Tencent

Thanks for trying to ruin the zombie modes Tencent

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2:24am Aug 27th 19

Hello everyone,,
The new character with special ability system is a sad joke. Victor has an ability that can only be used in evoground modes (EXCEPT TDM) so basically only in the zombie modes. I for one like playing those from time to time but with this system it's getting p2w. Who even asked for something like this to be implemented, it just makes the character and skin selection more clustered with unnecesary crap. They should of left it out since they are making their own zombie rpg game Code name:Live anyway. I have a feeling that when walking dead collab happens and a new zombie mode releases, it will be almost mandatory that you use one of these characters in that if you want a fair playing field.