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7:54pm Aug 31st 19 and edited 12:37am Sep 4th 19

Hello everyone,,
Looking to play the first CG season after constantly playing squads and playing with friends.

I come from a csgo background with 2.4k hours and have played in the cg ladder in cs before so i'm accustomed to fpp gameplay. I've played 314 hours as of now in pubg, 3 seasons and my all time highest rank is 141 (have screenshot to prove) in tpp squads.
I've also played alot of duo fpp but my rank there is terrible since i play for frags and not wins. I'm not the best aimer out there but i can handle myself well and can take down enemies quickly and efficiently.

My sniping is decent as well but i have my off days. I have good knowledge of the game and i understand what engagements to take, good positions to go to and etc. I can call for the team if needed as well.

If anyone's interested shoot me an add on steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121050622/