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Hello everyone,,

Due to Lew's bad net and wanting to focus on school we're looking for a new main awp to complete the roster for next CGM season (Other roles considered).

So yeah we're looking for someone that is able to: https://reversephonelookup.onl/ https://curated.onl/nba-reddit/

Commit to at least 4-5 nights a week
(Sunday to Thursday - Friday 7:00pm onwards)
Willing to do solo prac Not be an awkward cunt =)
Have good net =))

All fees are paid for.
Current line-up: Zurk, Streaty, Roflko and I
Add me on steam to discuss (If you have shit all exp PLEASE don't add):


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3:52pm Oct 10th 19

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1:00pm Oct 12th 19

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