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8:22pm Oct 10th 19


Took a few months break to get life in order (Did a crap job of it but best I can do for now) I'm looking to get back into playing some proper CS been aching for it and have that hunger again.

Getting back into CG after playing out a season of WA League with GZ, leaving on good terms with all the boys, bol to them all :)

Took a long hard break from playing competitively and looking to come back and get a finals win
Age: 22
Location: WA
10 mans
2 Seasons CGA
Tendencies ODC - 2nd place
WAGamers Fragzone TeamLAN#5
WA League Season 1 LAN Finals
WA League Season 2 LAN Finals

Aims: Find a team to grind CGA Finals with for this upcoming season and proceed to grind into CGM with them

WA Based so times are out a bit and most lans are east-coast
Work 8-5 Mon-Fri GMT+8 so only available 5:30 onward during the week.
AWP not 100% but can be on one now and then.
Use the same tone for everything most times so I sound like I'm always upset but am not

Strengths: Sharp aim
Utility usage
Calm in clutches
Decent game-sense
Can play well off others
Always willing to accept feedback and willing to learn

Previous Teams:
ELIM Gaming - MadbobbyJr, Decent, jcw, enzoe, me
Memes(LAN) - Zaltasia, Madbobbyjr, Sackk, Vanilla, me
Royal Allegiance - Crombie, MadbobbyJr, Decent, LSF, me
ELIM Academy - me, jamie-, MadbobbyJr, fRo~, Airb0rne
Reggicide.GG - MadbobbyJr, Airb0rne, Jamie-, sQx, Crombie, me (sub)
Ground Zero - Schapes, Legitz, MKY, hK-, Xcell, me
Ground Zero WA League - CookieJr, Skyheat, Rep, MKY, me
OKIEDOKE (LAN Finals) - CookieJr, Skyheat, Rep, MKY, me

Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/therealooft/

Please let me know if you've added me on this thread, because I clear out my random add's :S Cheers!


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8:24pm Oct 10th 19

Mad lad back in the day
super chill
stomped me in a pug the other day
high cga


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Much love <3


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friendly gamer. welcome back


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