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12:31am Nov 15th 19

Alias: ven- https://steamcommunity.com/id/Venestle/
LVL 7: https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Venestle
Age 27/09/99
Location: NSW, Central Coast
Previous Experience: Various CGA teams Flex – PearS, Raspberry, Dradi, Venestle, Quivocal Dezire – Riz, Venestle, Pride, Dekka2a, AfrikaShox My Last Stand – Driller, spztk, jNo, suiy, Venestle
Aims: Mid CGA, become more successful as a player. Have fun with a team. Looking to start up that competitive spark again and am super committed to grinding with a new team. Weaknesses: Can be over aggressive trying to find openings on T, utility knowledge on lesser played maps. Can work on.
Strengths: Am a great, consistent AWPer. Can also rifle/entry. Am chill af, like making jokes. Am loyal to a team and enjoy being committed and if a time is scheduled I will be there unless I have something major on. Will notify if so.