Where are you playing?

Where are you playing?

Where are you playing?

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11:24am Nov 18th 19

What games and what websites are you playing them on and from what device?

Cybergamer was the HUB but is now all but gone from what I can see..

ESL has games, they would no doubt start up whatever we want with the votes, they have previously.

I can see Rainbow 6 is being played here a bit, otherwise... Where is the Australian scene now for online gaming?

Where are you CS players going to ladder, scrim etc, here?
Cod players?
Etc.. etc..

Just looking around, I googled, nothing decent came up from what I could explore.


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9:06am Nov 19th 19

Well for CS players I can sort of answer that

If you are in EU/NA there are a tone of sites that people use

but in the AU/OCE region mainly people use faceit, ESEA and gallus

people also use this website letsplay.live

hope this kinda answers something

- Frewty


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10:46am Nov 19th 19

I'm interested in playing some competitive Cod but don't know where to look this use to be the place??


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11:37am Nov 19th 19

Idk about cod but I think faceit might have some or ESL (depending on your location)


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9:56am Nov 22nd 19

Yeah we’re Aussies.
Well mostly?

Thanks for the answers.
I think we would have to approach esl to setup some competitive cod for us :)

Thanks for the answers guys!


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5:47pm Dec 29th 20

I play ESO on a pc. The PC community (both NA & EU) is much larger and generally awesome. The PC version of the game is generally more stable than either XB1 or PS4, PC gets updates and new content first. AND MFKN ADD-ONS!! Also, if you asking for a website recommendation, I choose sse gold to buy ESO gold.


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11:25pm Jan 13th 21

Interesting to read this topic.