HELP with some info

HELP with some info

Thread started by exoSt3vil on Friday, 1:04pm November 22nd with 3 replies. Views: 690


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1:04pm Nov 22nd 19

Hey guys,

Need some help. I have been away from platform for ages. I used to play CG with Hybrid Gaming.
Whats the story now? Are there any teams looking for players. Im a full scrub now...LOL.
What game modes are there. Do they do Pugs anymore?



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10:45am Dec 3rd 19 - in reply to exoSt3vil's post

It's all trying to start back now man tell your friends get a team together look at the other forum by morza


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10:48am Dec 3rd 19

Yeah we're setting it back up like the old CG days.

It will be tournaments, most likely following the USA scene check the rule-set in the other thread 5v5, search, dom and hq.

Just waiting on some more feedback and some approvals from sponsors and such as to what we can do exactly, feel free to setup teams and scrim in the mean time though...



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11:03am Dec 3rd 19

Here is a scrim from the current USA rule-set from Crimsix's screen online, they're playing PS4 - We're hoping to do a mixed platform competition but again it's up in the air with the sponsors and red tape and as soon as we have it figured out we will get it going!
Pretty decent match, fair few more if you checkout his channel, I liked the game play myself, style, looks like it works great?