Call of Duty Discord Channel -...

Call of Duty Discord Channel - HUGE!!!

Call of Duty Discord Channel - HUGE!!!

Thread started by MorzZA on Saturday, 5:12pm November 30th with 4 replies. Views: 281


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5:12pm Nov 30th 19

So here is the permanent link to join, full of NA - EU - AUS players.

Rename yourself

Join the appropriate chat looking for MP players for xbox, pc or ps4, cross play enabled or disabled whatever you prefer..... It's a start of a community, we could get some good games going and possibly scrims, depending on what you're looking for, hey you could just make a few buddy's to pub stomp with.

Figured I would post it up for everyone, I am using it. Current name
AU - PC - Ice187
I have cross play enabled so if you're xbox or ps4 be happy to party up with you either way!

Come have some fun!


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3:15pm Dec 1st 19 and edited 9:10pm Dec 1st 19

Tell your friends. Let’s get it filled up full of players. If anyone knows of any others that Aussies who are playing constantly join up.

Bridge the gap
PS4 Xbox pc. All together. Let’s go!!!


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9:22pm Dec 1st 19

Just an update also I’ve been accepted into the admin staff here and I hope to setup some mw comps.

To what capacity I have no idea but I’ll try and get forums setup and votes and lets see what we can achieve if anything at all?
Please no negativity, if you don’t think it will work okay just leave it at that.

I was thinking myself of a few things firstly;
One ladder to rule them all cross platform enabled, rule set search and destroy cs style.
Yes some people think or “know” pc players have some kind of advantage but I’ve seen controller players easily best pc players previously. Haven’t we all at some point?

Seperate ladders, each platform PS4 Xbox and pc.
We can search and destroy cs style or go for 4v4 or 5v5 or even 6v6 and play domination hq and snd.

We have a chance here to attract some good competition and have some fun and possible prizes and money involved. It could be great. It could work. It could also fail.

If you have ideas post them up? If you don’t think it will work just leave it please, negativity gets no one anywhere. However opinions on what to play and what style and platform style are welcome.
Probably do a pole or something to suss out who is thinking what and why.

If you have an Xbox or PS4 and we do manage a competition where it’s everyone together you can buy a device to use a keyboard and mouse. Assuming you’re one of the people who think you need the advantage.

Tell your buddy’s, friends, everyone and come post what you think!

Aaron / ice / morzza


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6:44pm Dec 2nd 19

I'm up for 5v5 snd


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7:09pm Dec 2nd 19

We’ve created modern warfare forums have a look. I created a thread go check it out.

We’re going to need a lot of support here and we’re guided by Activision and a few other things also.

Tell everyone to get on here, inform every cod player you know regardless of platform and lets get this going again!