Defense of the Australians Spr...

Defense of the Australians Spring DotA2 Tournament

Defense of the Australians Spring DotA2 Tournament

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Hello everyone,,

It's time again for Defense of the Australians to host there next tournament for spring, our winter tournament was a success with Hans Reborn taking home $1,110 in cash as the winning team.

Team Registration

Teams may sign up by visiting our website at and applying to register their team there. This tournament will be closed after either 16/32 teams have registered or the 14th of October 2013. We will only be approving teams in denominations of 8/16 & 32 so if we get to the 14th of October and only have 12 teams registered only the first 8 will be accepted, rush to register to make sure you don't miss out. This event has a per team entry fee of $5 which is required to be paid before you sign your team up this cost enters you into the preliminary round which is a best of 3 played online if your team progresses your team is then required to pay a balance of $70 to fully enter the tournament. This payment structure has been provided so that if you get knocked out at the preliminary rounds you only lose $5 and it was all a bit of competitive fun but if your team makes it through it gives your team the opportunity to get real and deep in our tournament.

This event will have its preliminary matches played online and only semi-final/final winners will need to attend the play off at our selected venue at this point it appears it will be a location in Melbourne CBD unlike our last winter tournament instead of a bar we are proposing a much more corporate venue – alcohol and drinks will be available for purchase as like our last tournament which means 18+ only again. Spectators will be allowed at this event and are encouraged to come support esports in Melbourne;

Tournament Prize

For our spring tournament the final prize pool will calculate the team's prize money 1st prize 60%, 2nd prize, 30% and 3rd prize 10% of the total prize pool. The current prize pool can be seen at our website and will never decrease but only increase based on teams registered so any team who makes the semi/finals will take home something for the night!

Prelim & Online Times
For teams who are playing the prelims, their captains will all receive instructions in an email for times and dates in which their team is required to be online to prepare for battle online, this information will also be available online on our website for others to view and in case of last day changes. We will be operating a double elimination tournament all the way to the end giving you the best odds and ability to create strategy.