LFT - Looking for a dedicated...

LFT - Looking for a dedicated team in need of a 5th

LFT - Looking for a dedicated team in need of a 5th

Thread started by Mlarki on Thursday, 5:40pm February 13th with 2 replies. Views: 88


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5:40pm Feb 13th 20 and edited 5:52pm Feb 13th 20

IGN: Mlarki

Name: Mitch

Age: 18

Aim: CGA Finals

Role: Literally anything the team needs

Experience: CGO

Skill Level: Mid to high CGA player

Entrying and Anchoring sites
Game sense
Clutch ability
Ability to pick up the secondary awp

Smoke knowledge (willing to improve)

Add me here:
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mlarki
Discord: edge#6905

butter 8

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6:17pm Feb 13th 20 - in reply to Mlarki's post

Was approached by Mlarki to join our team as we were looking for rifler. He approached very formally and genuinely seemed like a nice bloke with the mindset of improvement. If you're a Low to Mid CGA team looking for someone who will listen, get along well and have a great mindset I highly suggest giving this bloke a shot. The only thing he needs is team experience, BOL.


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12:50am Feb 15th 20