Nexus Leauge PUGs | Custom Sys...

Nexus Leauge PUGs | Custom System

Nexus Leauge PUGs | Custom System

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About Us:
Nexus League is a gaming league which started early 2019. With the Owners having experience of running communities in the past, we strive to provide the perfect gaming experience when partaking in our league. We're currently hosting PUGs in Europe and Oceania.

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Join our discord to get started:

How does our system work?

  1. In order to play pugs you will need to be verified. To do this, type !login and follow the steps sent by the bot in your DM's.
  2. Join the waiting lobby.
  3. When there are 10 people in the lobby react to the message in #pug-room.
  4. After all players have readied up the bot will show a link to our website.
  5. Click on the link and then login if required.
  6. Next the captain will be chosen randomly from the Top 5 ranked players in the game.
  7. Captains will then select players to be on their team by choosing players on the website.
  8. The bot will move you into the correct channels as the teams are being selected.
  9. Captains will then take turns to Veto maps until one map is left.
  10. Finally the bot will post the server IP in the text room and it will also be displayed on the website.