A squad looking for a new team...

A squad looking for a new team to reprisent

A squad looking for a new team to reprisent

Thread started by Slothman on Wednesday, 4:15pm April 22nd. Views: 831


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4:15pm Apr 22nd 20

Looking for a team, I have 4-5 players all looking for a team to play Australian tournaments, we are all gold 2 and above and we have players to fill all roles, entry frag, support and flex. I personally am also willing to be in a desk role, as a coach or analyst if one is needed and I am able to IGL.

This team has many hours between us and a lot of experience, we have played this season of Australian minor league and we are not happy with our currents teams leadership environment. We are willing to work hard and are always open to criticism and ideas to help us improve.

For enquires please add me on discord at Slothman#3392 or email me at [email protected]