Where are you now!

Where are you now!

Where are you now!

Thread started by Smex on Wednesday, 2:40pm May 6th. Views: 846


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2:40pm May 6th 20

Howdy Gamers
As its my 13th year here (CG/LPL) was feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to reach out see how you are, what have you been upto tag a friend and say gday(if the tags work)

A little format to keep it short and sharp

Prev Teams: Aussie Underdogs <{AU}>, xAUx, Vendetta
Current Team: Elemental Esports
Games (CG/LPL/GA/GS): BF2, BF2142, BC2, COD4, Wolf, BF3, BF4, R6

What are you doing now?
Business Analyst, husband, 3 kids still gaming

Discord: https://discord.gg/pYjms3D

@talnoy, @glock-, @landaxe, @corza, @arcos, @Mayo, @Glove', JeffAmentSlash


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2:52pm May 13th 20

Hey Smex

Birnabear here. Been a while since I have posted on here but saw your message and figured why now.

Prev Teams: Australian Universal Soldiers *AUS*
Current Team: still kicking about with *AUS*, but also in the process of hopefully getting a new R6 team going. Also racing for myself in sim racing leagues.
Games (CG/LPL/GA/GS): COD4, MW2, BO1, BC2, BF3, BF4, R6

What are you doing now?
Environment Manager, living in Canberra with my partner, still gaming. Dropped out of competitive games for Eve Online for a while, now back into FPS and Racing games, and streaming for some fun on the side.