CS:GO Season 3 2020 Promotion/...

CS:GO Season 3 2020 Promotion/Relegation Announcement

CS:GO Season 3 2020 Promotion/Relegation Announcement

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CS:GO Season 3 2020 Promotion/Relegation Announcement

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great season. To get started into the new season, we will begin the Promotion/Relegation series on the Monday 31st August 2020.

All information regarding Relegations will be located below, if you need any help please contact an LPL Admin!

Key Dates
Monday 17th August - Promotion/Relegation Signups opens
Friday 28th August - Promotion/Relegation Signups close
Monday 31st August- Promotion/Relegation begins
Sunday 13th September - Promotion/Relegation ends
Monday 21st September - Open, Amateur, Evolution and Challenger begins
Wednesday 23rd September - Pro begins

Core 3 and other ruling changes/edits
4.7 - Retaining Division Spots
This season we will be reverting back to the core 3 rule. The core 3 rule entails that you must have 3 out of your starting 5 playing all games for the season (this also includes the promotion/relegation series). If you do not have core 3 from the start of the season playing in this series you will be disqualified from the tournament.
4.2.1 - Entry Fee Conditions
4.2.2 - Substitutes
4.6 - Dead Teams
4.9 - Finals Tie-breaker System
7.1 - Models / Skins

The Inject System for the upcoming Relegation

A few seasons ago we implemented a new system regarding how Injects and Promotion/Relegation will work.

“Within previous seasons you have seen us make room for Inject teams within Relegation, we will no longer be doing this.

We will be using a strict system that will only see a few inject teams make it through. We are doing this to help promote team longevity. Inject teams will only be pushed into Promotion/Relegation if a team already in one has died, they will still need to meet the requirements of the division. If no teams meet the requirements then a team from below will be brought up."

To qualify as an inject you will need *3 players who have played that division within the last 2 seasons

INJECT SIGN-UP: https://letsplay.live/games/csgo/relegationapp/


Upcoming Season
LPL CS:GO Season 1 2020 divisions will look like the following:
1. Invite Team
2. Invite Team
3. Invite Team
4. Rooster
5. Paradox Gaming
6. Mako
7. Bantz
8. Orgless
9. 1st-4th Pro FFYI
10. 1st-4th Pro FFYI
11. 1st-4th Pro FFYI
12. 1st-4th Pro FFYI
1. 5th-8th Pro FFYI
2. 5th-8th Pro FFYI
3. 5th-8th Pro FFYI
4. 5th-8th Pro FFYI
5. 1st-4th Challenger FFYI
6. 1st-4th Challenger FFYI
7. 1st-4th Challenger FFYI
8. 1st-4th Challenger FFYI
1. 5th-8th Challenger FFYI
2. 5th-8th Challenger FFYI
3. 5th-8th Challenger FFYI
4. 5th-8th Challenger FFYI
5. Reapers
6. Skyfire Academy
7. f4f
8. Caught Off Guard
9. 1st-8th Evolution FFYI
10. 1st-8th Evolution FFYI
11. 1st-8th Evolution FFYI
12. 1st-8th Evolution FFYI
13. 1st-8th Evolution FFYI
14. 1st-8th Evolution FFYI
15. 1st-8th Evolution FFYI
16. 1st-8th Evolution FFYI
Next seasons Pro Relegation will look like:
1. PC419
2. Incept
3. Thinking and Dinking
4. The Gentlemen
5. Vertex
6. BlessedESP
7. Come to Brazil
8. Downfall
Challenger Relegation:
1. Aftermind
2. Conformity
3. Belikedoin
4. Tranquility
5. Exsto Gaming
6. v300
7. Forbidden
8. Staqued
Evolution Relegation:
1. RTG
2. Lucid
3. Skeeting on jesus' vibe (prev AGN)
4. Legion Chaos
5. Pepegas
6. Memento
7. Paradox Supremacy
8. Bangers on Toast
10. Siren eSports
11. bol mid cgo!
12. Akina Speedstars
13. shilling so hard rn
14. Brayns

Connect with us
On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish everyone competing the best of luck! For any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by either posting in the forums or contacting an admin via Support Ticket. Alternatively, you can join the LPL Community Discord.

Many Thanks,
LPL CS:GO Admin Team