Website that allows you to fin...

Website that allows you to find scrims

Website that allows you to find scrims

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11:29am Dec 25th 20 and edited 5:38pm Dec 27th 20

Hey guys a friend called xzion made this website (it only just went live tonight) which allows teams to find scrims by scheduling teams which they can play. Here's his description of the site, from another forum:

"Hey guys, been working on this idea for a while, it's finally (alpha) ready. Pretty simple idea: register a team, schedule a time in the next 7 days you want to scrim, get matched with other teams in the same region with overlapping times. Still needs lots more work, only supports AU at the moment. Give it a crack if you've got a team. Send any feedback you've got to [email protected]"

Seems like a good idea and will probably be good when a fair amount of teams sign up. So if you have a team I encourage you to sign up a team and schedule in some times that your team can practice