LFT Pharshlaph CGI+ Rifler

LFT Pharshlaph CGI+ Rifler

LFT Pharshlaph CGI+ Rifler

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8:43pm Feb 4th 21

Played CGI last season with Exsto ; Spud, Alex, MattyS, typeR (In which the active roster is now playing CGP).
I loved the hell out of this team. It was developed from a project that I started in early 2019. I worked my ass off for quite some time as we levelled up through the leagues. Previous teamates include ; Kurgan, nameless, MSN, wronski, slink, Shaznic, Lukeysan and many more.

Working and playing for this amount of time really burnt me out and towards the end of my playing time I was feeling quite fatigued and demotivated. Now after a break I look back and feel great regret for not pushing through and finishing the job. The last few months that I played were the laziest months that I ever played minimal effort to try and achieve maximum result. I was still playing in CGI at this time with EXSTO as AWPer.

I want to realign myself, I owe it to myself to give it one last crack. This last effort I'm about to give will be my last and it will be my best. I don't want any team who is going to waste my time we need to be a well rounded unit with the same intentions the drive further.

I have experience in many roles:
I Igled through CGA, Rifled through CGM, was pushed towards the AWP toward the end of CGP and heading to CGI which I thought I was probably best fit for at the time.
Looking back I regret AWPing in this time because I think I'm a way better rifler.

- Lan 3x
- FFYI CGM 2020. 5th-8th
- DreamHack Open Summer 2020 Oceania Open.
- 1st EVOLUTION DIVISION - GROUP 1 Season 1 2020
- CGM Finals 2020 FFYI CGI 2020
- CGM Grand Finalist 2020
- LPL Challenger 2020
- LPL Challenger Finals 2020

Previous Teams ( In the last couple of years):
Exsto: 2020-2021 (Pharsh, Spud, Mattys, TypeR, xelA).
Elemental: 2020 (Pharsh, Spud, Mattys, TypeR, xelA).
Surge: 2020 (Pharsh, Spud, Mattys, Lukeysan, xelA).
Infernum: 2020 (Pharsh, Kurgan, MSN, xelA, Mattys).
Infernum: 2019 (Pharsh, Navero, Kurgan, MSN, Nameless, Slink).
Dislekek: 2019 (Pharsh, Shaznic, Wronski, Kurgan, Nameless).



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9:00pm Feb 4th 21

This mans reputation proceeds. Along with being a great team player, he's one of the sharpest and nicest people I know.

I'll always luv u Mr Pharshlaph.


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10:10pm Feb 4th 21 - in reply to Pharshlaph's post

Where do I begin with young William...

It was a privilege to have poured hours on top of hours in to CS with Will, when in the teams with him not only was he constantly evolving as a player, but as a person as well. Will has a deep understanding of how a CS team should function, not only on screen - but off of it as well. He is just as passionate about the game itself as he is about being part of a tight knit unit who are all there for each other to ride the highs and lows competitive CS drags you through.

He's mechanical skill is second to none, and when surrounded by a well structured team and guidance from good leadership, he truly does flourish. When given a role within a team I've seen Will make it his absolute life to try and perfect that role through endless effort in subjecting himself to the boring, tedious and flat out mind numbing aspects of said role. Always eager to soak up as much knowledge as he can like some kind of information junkie!

Like others we shared our CGA/CGM/CGI path with, Will understands that it is all a journey and there are more hard days than easy ones. And with all of this said I vouch for him as a great addition to a CGI level line up willing go on their own journey with him.

BOL Will, I miss your stupid questions in prac <3


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11:03pm Feb 4th 21

This man shoots heads and makes u deads. Pharsh is potentially of the sharpest young humanoid males with whom I have had the pleasure to play. His captiousness and zealotry toward perfecting his craft is rivaled by no other. William (some say he deserves the preface of Shakespeare) is of the sort whom one would wish to possess on their team not only for pure aptitude and myrmidon-ship, but also his charismatic enthusiasm which gleans light among his fellow compatriots.

Please pick this man up if you want to win.


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11:25pm Feb 4th 21

Pharsh has an incredible attitude, he's always ready to learn and is super positive. He works incredibly hard and listens to feedback, not to mention he is incredibly sharp. Is super loyal and will be a good addition to any roster. CGI+ good luck sir


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7:44pm Feb 7th 21

one of the sharpest if not the sharpest men on the continent