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11:50pm Mar 26th 21

Friends, who plays Tekken 7? What are your favorite characters and why?


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I love playing as Akuma / Gouk - he possesses powerful abilities and is one of the most dangerous in the Tekken universe. Combo damage, evasion, power and stamina are at a very high level. Second on my list of favorites is Armor King, who fights like a typical pro wrestler. His style is quite aggressive - especially compared to King, who uses very similar attacks. This fighter has no technics with very difficult entrances in his arsenal, so if you are new to this game, I am sure you will be able to enjoy playing Armor King. There are a lot of characters that were worth mentioning, but it would take a long time to describe. I advise you to go to this site https://dashfight.com/tekken7/characters/roster where you can read detailed information about the characteristics, guides and tips on various characters.


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