Awowogei/GodSpawn/Zezima LFT

Awowogei/GodSpawn/Zezima LFT

Awowogei/GodSpawn/Zezima LFT

Thread started by Awowogei on Wednesday, 7:57pm March 31st with 2 replies. Views: 85


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7:57pm Mar 31st 21 and edited 10:50pm Mar 31st 21

Looking for a high CGA team.
Available pretty much constantly after school hours and during weekends.
I've got a solid understanding of tactical team-based CS, great aim and remain cool during clutch situations. I'm good at keeping a positive vibe in the server and never tilt at my teammates, I only tilt when I mess up myself and usually keep it to myself.

Roles: Anything.
Timezone: AEDT (I'm in Sydney)
Age: 17
Discord - GodSpawn#4292
Steam -


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10:03pm Mar 31st 21 - in reply to Awowogei's post

Great guy good player, solid IGL and a good awper. Friendly dude give him a shot bol


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4:36pm Apr 7th 21

this man has a great attitude and is very supportive and can also keep the hype up in any situation. 100% good pick up