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What's up all.

Long story short I used to play beta-1.6 (started in dial-up days lol) and played as Conrad or ConradTheGREAT[mc] I wasn't super known or anything but played for online teams like; vanq, RebellioN, uNique, iNtrepid, [21]grams, ares, izM and a few others over the years, had a short lan stint with GameStorm (Xs, Lizard, woLFy etc) in Brisbane towards the end as well.

Sadly I gave up around the time CS:GO dropped.

I've been enjoying Competitive queue and wouldn't mind getting back into it again - hows the scene work now if its still alive?
Back when I played it was all iRC based but Gamesurge seems to be dead.

Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated, wouldn't mind playing with a set 5 again.

Cheers all. \m/