VH LFT (keen to sub) | Rifle |...

VH LFT (keen to sub) | Rifle | Good Availability |

VH LFT (keen to sub) | Rifle | Good Availability |

Thread started by VHHH on Monday, 5:18pm May 3rd. Views: 55


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5:18pm May 3rd 21 and edited 5:47pm May 3rd 21

About me:

  • Age:27
  • Location: Sydney
  • Stopped play CS for a while and just got back to it recently
  • chilled and flexible approach
  • Keen improve and learn your team setups
  • Love CS. Enjoy competitive games


  • 3,431 hrs
  • Played for a few teams/seasons of CG back in 2014/2015


  • Riffle
  • Ideal for teams looking for a supportive riffle player
  • Able to follow direction
  • Map knowledge outdated and unstable performance but actively improving.

Thanks for reading my thread.

If you wish to trial me out please send me a message

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035903880/
Discord: vh*#3416


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9:43pm May 3rd 21 - in reply to VHHH's post

hey man,whats ur current rank in mm or faceit. we have a new build up team and still looking for players too.