R6 LF experienced team

R6 LF experienced team

R6 LF experienced team

Thread started by Stinkfist on Sunday, 1:19am May 23rd. Views: 220


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1:19am May 23rd 21

Im looking for an 18+ team to compete in the lpl amatuer cup aswell as any other r6 completions being held then onto CL qualifiers.

Age: Old enough
Roles: Entry or entry support on attck and anchor for defense.
Ops: Buck maverick Thatcher capitao zofia nomad. Mute smoke jaeger mozzie maestro valkyrie echo.
Availability: every night. Thur Fri Sat until late.

Looking for an 18+ team that's dedicated to improving, scrims and strats regularly aswell as learning and creating team synergy through ranked play in the downtime. Dm me for any questions or add Stinkfist#1876 on discord