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Hi, Gantla and I are LF3 to start a team to grind and scrim with.
Our goal is to build up a team that will be competent to compete in to the up coming LPL Seasons.

We are currently looking for the following roles to be fulfilled:

We are aiming to play 1/2 seasons of CGO in order to find a solid roster. Due to the fact we dont want people leaving mid season and just to feel things out and iron out potential issues etc. before we move onto CGA and above.

Some information about us:

- 4413 Hours between two accounts.
- Reasonable knowledge of each map.
- Available most nights.
- Flexible with roles (Can IGL but prefer to Lurk or Support).
- Have team experince from previous seasons under a few teams, Remorse gaming just to name one.
- Looking to take it more seriously then i have in the past.
- Main goal is to get a HLTV profile.

- 3,500+ Hours.
- Reasonable knowledge of each map.
- Available most nights.
- Aggressive player preferring to Entry Frag, but can be flexible to suit teams needs.
- Looking to gain experience in competitive teams.

If you feel interested in trialling dm either me or gantla on discord or steam.
Eli#6336 - exro#9769