Do you want to know what bad l...

Do you want to know what bad luck is?

Do you want to know what bad luck is?

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3:27pm Jul 2nd 21 and edited 11:43pm Aug 5th 21

I was 3900 MMR I had left my 1 attempt in recalibration, i reset my mmr i lost 9/10 games in calibration, i got placed in 3200 mmr i lost 3 games in a row then And when i was about to win a game, 40 minutes ago, electricity in my town went down for 20 minutes and i got abandon and lose:)) BUT!!! Im not givin up:) who cares about mmr, fun is what matters


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1:55pm Sep 29th 21

used in speech to show sympathy for som who has failed or has been disappointed "I didn't get the job." "Bad luck!"


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2:52pm Dec 30th 21

Finally, it should be added that this is an open-source game so that many developers are creating Mods with their own version of the story, with new characters, or with different music. It real Friday Night Funkin.


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9:20pm Apr 13th 22

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Thank you for you post


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12:01pm May 26th 22

There are times in the game when you lose and sometimes you win. That is nothing, but the important thing is that the game brings us joy and pleasure!