Do you want to know what bad l...

Do you want to know what bad luck is?

Do you want to know what bad luck is?

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3:27pm Jul 2nd 21 and edited 11:43pm Aug 5th 21

I was 3900 MMR I had left my 1 attempt in recalibration, i reset my mmr i lost 9/10 games in calibration, i got placed in 3200 mmr i lost 3 games in a row then And when i was about to win a game, 40 minutes ago, electricity in my town went down for 20 minutes and i got abandon and lose:)) BUT!!! Im not givin up:) who cares about mmr, fun is what matters


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1:55pm Sep 29th 21

used in speech to show sympathy for som who has failed or has been disappointed "I didn't get the job." "Bad luck!"


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2:52pm Dec 30th 21

Finally, it should be added that this is an open-source game so that many developers are creating Mods with their own version of the story, with new characters, or with different music. It real Friday Night Funkin.