[ORG] Legion Gaming - Looking...

[ORG] Legion Gaming - Looking for CSGO Team

[ORG] Legion Gaming - Looking for CSGO Team

Thread started by LGN Shadow Ayanami on Sunday, 5:06pm November 7th with 2 replies. Views: 897

5:06pm Nov 7th 21

Legion Gaming is currently looking for a CSGO team currently competing in Evolution or above.
As per the usual, we offer all of the standard things an organisation offers a CSGO team.

- 128 tick warmod/prac server
- Comp fees paid for
- Travel and accommodation
- Jerseys for LAN events
- Team marketing
- Long-distance high fives
- Etc, you know the deal

If you are interested - https://steamcommunity.com/id/lgnshadow/


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9:50pm Feb 19th 22

Still Looking?


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