EX Europen Pro, LFT

EX Europen Pro, LFT

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LFT in ama to get back into it,

start playing CS since beta, and stopped playing around CS:GO
Played professional in Europe end of CS 1.6 and most CSS,
my account in ESL. https://play.eslgaming.com/player/785235/

Played EPS qualifications for p3-gaming (cs 1.6)
Played for my City in a City league (CSS)
Played for my State in a States league (CSS)
Played for pro teams: BLUEJAYS, Tera-Gaming e.V., 56k-Sports, LogiX .e.V., DkH, Multigaiming e.V.

Moved to AUS 6 years ago and haven't played much since, main game is PUBG atm but I'm looking to go back into CSS.
Haven't played CS in a long time, but keen to give AMA a shot and see how it goes. (I have no idea about the skill lvl in lpl or general anymore, so I will give every team a shot, most important think is get along with each other.)

If you looking for trails etc. hit me up. keen for some games,
I'm very active and clan play most of the days.

Also i looking for some people to just play with, hit me up I don't know anyone in CS in OCE...


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1:18am Nov 15th 21

Steam profile link ?


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12:39pm Nov 22nd 21

Why do you not want to commit to the superior game of pubg flori!