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About me:
IGN: candl3
Hours: 5.5k hours (including smurfs)
Past teams: PC419 (IGL), Havoc (Lurk), Vengeance (Sub), Exstogaming/Xtreme (IGL/Lurk)

I'm an experienced IGL/Lurker with many High CGA teams and only high CGA teams unfortunately XD. I've learned from my past mistakes, and took a 2 year break to complete my studies and to think about how I want to approach things, and now looking to play competitively again!

Looking for strong/talented/smart players who are trying prove themselves in the scene and win CGA next season, then CGM, CGI, CGP.

Feel free to contact me for any of the following roles:
- IGL or 2nd IGL
- Lurker
- Awper
- Entry
- Rifler/Support

What you will get out of being in the team:
- Win CGA
- Gain experience from an experienced IGL
- Improve as a player (Receive constructive criticism)
- Approach the game in a different way of how CSGO is meant to be played
- Valuable learning experience

What you (maybe) can bring to the team:
- Strong aim
- Clutching abilities 1vX and know how to play mid-endgame
- Willingness to learn
- Listen to calls
- Show up to scrims and practice on-time
- Passionate about the game and want to improve
- Want to get somewhere with csgo
- Have at least 10-12 hours a week to scrim (3 hours every second day, or just chill play other games or play matchmaking/faceit pugs to improve)

Note: What's written below definitely helps to decide if you're capable or not, but all players are talented in unique ways. If I can see that you have potential, I don't really care about your ranks.
Whether you play smart positions, know tons of utility, good crosshair placement, clutch super well (playing situations), trade kill well, good fakes/use of sound queues, decisions to push at the right timing, and understanding of the game/game sense etc, etc.

Preferred, but not required:
- High CGA/Low M experience (which I should be able to tell by looking at your gameplay)
- At least decent pug/faceit/esea/5e results to show that you are capable, at least in pugs.
- Decent amount of hours on CSGO
- Want to hang out with the team outside of scrimming hours, just to play pugs or variety! :)

We currently have 3 players total who are multi-role, so depending on what you prefer, you can try out for. I have certain expectations for players, I will explain the details before the trial begins.

TLDR; If you're looking for a High CGA team with lots of potential, and you believe that you're at least High CGA+ then add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/CANDL3LIGHT/