New world vs World of warcraft

New world vs World of warcraft

New world vs World of warcraft

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The developers or the leadership World of Warcraft has at the moment 17 years of content lore and history behind it. Give any other game that amount of time to develop, to grow and expand in content and player base, and then maybe we can have this discussion, but it will still be irrelevant. The good thing is that there are more and more games launched or in development and that brings us, the players, new adventures, environments, and alternatives of content which gets our gaming juice flowing, and at the same time it creates some sort of competition between companies, which can grow in a healthy development of their games.

New World has been just launched, and to compare it with other MMO games would be unfair, because the developers are trying to create fresh new style to this game, different from the ones already exist. The basics are there since it’s the same genre of a MMO, but the style is different.


Diving head forward into these games you’ll find out that World of Warcraft provides bigger variety of character customization options in terms of multiple races, but still all of them having defined presets of styles.

New World having just one human race but providing a more detailed customization into your character features. The way this is built in both games does rely a lot on the game’s lore and as mentioned before, New World has yet to develop into it.


The combat was a contentious topic, some people enjoyed the simple design of New Worlds combat and some people wanted more (they had 3 abilities over 9 weapons all shading cooldowns). They ended up finding a very decent middle ground that most people are happy with (6 active abilities, lost 1 weapon slot as trade off).

Now we reflect back to blizzard who half meet the communities outcries, a half baked PvP vendor, a convent system that was flawed from the start and made no attempts at a middle ground, questionable systems the player base didn’t want repeated again.

The biggest difference is that a new game still seems like it’s got something to prove and the way WoWs development has been handled fees like the devs have become arrogant in their decision making and just expect it’s always going to work out.

Gathering and Professions:

We did mention before gathering materials and professions. While both of these games do have such systems in one of them this type of gameplay excels to the sky and beyond. Can you guess in which one? Yes, you are right. New World provides one of the most detailed and enhanced gathering and crafting system we’ve ever seen in any game. If we are to talk about gathering only, both games have this element in which you can gather tons of materials from herbs to various ore types, meat and leather from animals and much more. But New World excels because you can interact in game with vastly more elements and on the plus side, cutting down a tree in this game or mining an ore vein provides such a big immersive pleasure that you can get lost into just the gathering process. The difference between these two game in this matter is that while gathering, a New World will help progress those skills and profession towards later zones.

In World of Warcraft up until max level this is not too relevant and even at that point not as much as some players might like it. You can pick up in WoW the profession or gathering you desire from the latest expansion and just progress through it from that point. To be noted that while in World of Warcraft you have two main professions and a few offside ones like cooking or fishing, in New World you can take part in all of them without any restrictions. When it comes to endgame professions, World of Warcraft comes up with a very narrow variety of New World Items that can be meaningful, such as potions, flasks, food, or at most 1-2 pieces of armor enchants, or maybe jewel crafting, while in New World all these elements can be found and crafted but many more to it from full armor sets and weapons with extraordinary perks to many more elements, which always do come in handy.


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11:50pm Jan 9th 22

Give any other game that amount of time to develop inside motel new york, to grow and expand in content and player base, and then maybe we can have this discussion, but it will still be irrelevant.