Join my OCE R6 team!

Join my OCE R6 team!

Thread started by OneTap.BZ on Monday, 11:09am April 11th. Views: 179


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11:09am Apr 11th 22

Looking for 6 people to join 2 subs for the team in OCE for R6 I’m plat 3 and stream on twitch. I have my own esports logo and working on some jerseys to get for my team, my twitch is I love playing R6 and I want people who aren’t going to be butthurt for criticism and know how to work for a team I’ll play as much as I can we will be doing esl cups and play lpl so please don’t be shy to check my twitch for more info or just inbox me here cheers


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2:18pm Apr 28th 22

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