InstaFrag Relaunches as Austra...

InstaFrag Relaunches as Australia & New Zealand Circuit

InstaFrag Relaunches as Australia & New Zealand Circuit

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4:19pm Aug 2nd 22

Australia & New Zealand Circuit

Hi All!

Not sure if people still check here but thought it'd be worthwhile to spread the word everywhere!

InstaFrag has relaunched under the name Australia & New Zealand Circuit (ANZC) and has guaranteed cash prize ladders for PUGs currently at $600+/Month for the rest of the year & an improved path to pro.

With money, professional qualifications & the possibility of playing against the worlds best when they arrive shortly for DreamHack Melbourne - there's no reason not to at least give it a go. Free to play but subscribe to earn prizes & qualify for the path to pro.

Check out all the information on our twitter:

Or join our discord & Open Hub: