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8:03pm Jan 3rd 10

Any idea where to download the Full Version of Fraps from? Im in desperate need to download it! Some1 help me out :D

Quote from Slayyyer X on the 3rd of January 2010
Add me on xfire and I'll tell you where to obtain it, legally of course


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5:55pm Apr 7th 10



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5:55pm Apr 7th 10

i likc poo in my mouth from chicks


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10:18pm Apr 7th 10

With the vista issue, umm.... Go into your call of duty 4 folder where you would normally paste the config and at the top on the toolbar you should see something like compatability files click it and then paste it. It might work, atleast it works for me. :o

Probably too late to even worry about it. >.> just noticed the date. :D

Nice Tutorial by the way, very imfortmative. :o


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10:35pm Apr 7th 10

Nice write up. gud job.


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4:20pm Jun 3rd 10

HOw do i stick this post, and can i have a link to this sony vagus editing system thanks alot =]=]

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11:43am Jun 19th 10



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11:47am Jun 19th 10



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1:31am Aug 13th 10

hi there, followed your tut, was great, i made my video, but its a whopping 159gig !! lol, umm is there a something i missed out to make it smaller ?

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1:38am Aug 13th 10

I'm guessing you rendered out as an uncompressed avi? Either encode that AVI file using easyh264 (Click here) to a smaller mp4 format or render the movie straight out of vegas as in wmv format.


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2:26am Aug 13th 10

kk nps thnx mate


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5:37pm Aug 25th 10

Thanks! great work

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3:21pm Aug 26th 10

I will update soon with a little bit more depth on the config section as I see quite a few edits lacking in this area. Stay tuned


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4:23pm Aug 27th 10

Cheers Mattzar i freakin hate using cl_demo takes forever to get a few bloody frags

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6:51pm Aug 28th 10

Okay, updated with a more in-depth guide to creating your own movie config