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No Mercy NZ

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11:00am Sep 29th 10



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11:03am Sep 29th 10

im sure LED 1 would be better seeing as LED is LCDs replacement


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11:12am Sep 29th 10

LED and plasma terrible for gaming.


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11:19am Sep 29th 10

I think if you are playing darker games like call of duty or halo, LCD is better, while the LED is better for games like mirrors edge or FF etc.


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11:22am Sep 29th 10

LCD is for Gaming
LED is for movies, TV
So if you going to use it for gaming better off going for LCD

ReL x Killer

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11:43am Sep 29th 10

Just get the LED. My brother has an LED and i have a full hd lcd and the LED blows my lcd away for gamming.


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11:45am Sep 29th 10

Go for the G2420,

No Mercy NZ

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11:49am Sep 29th 10

yeah i upgraded to LED from LCD at the end of last year and the LED is soo much better.

Ownage bulletsz

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11:57am Sep 29th 10

I just watched a vid on youtube about LED vs LCD, then a guy played mw2 on an LED and terminal lookedlike it was the brightest map in the game! the ump was grey and shadows werent great, you shld get the BenQ 2420HD and its only $250 aswell...


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12:30pm Sep 29th 10

Bro i got the first one the benq monitor lcd and it is perfect for gaming, the requirements are really good and i recommend that for you.


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1:25pm Sep 29th 10

Alot of people on cybergamer have the BenQ 2420HD im sure, and many of them say they it is a really awesome gaming monitor. Also did a bit of research and it is only like $220 on the internet, pretty good price for a good LCD monitor.


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3:15pm Sep 29th 10

LCD for sure man


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10:57am Oct 2nd 10

im sure LED 1 would be better seeing as LED is LCDs replacement

Quote from Marshyy on the 29th of September 2010
No, LED is the backlighting technology that illuminates the LCD.


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11:01am Oct 2nd 10

Just get an LED LCD