Tt eSPORTS Shock Spin Headset...

Tt eSPORTS Shock Spin Headset Review!

Tt eSPORTS Shock Spin Headset Review!

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I have recently had the pleasure of receiving, from the fantastic staff at Tt eSPORTS, the opportunity to test and review the Shock Spin Headset. With great thanks to Mayo (Sorry for the delay mate! :)).

The aim of this review might differ slightly from other reviews in the past. For myself personally when i read a review i don't want to hear about all the technical mumbo jumbo, i also most definitely do not want to hear about how someone has unpackaged this product, if you cant already do that yourself you have some major problems! I want the writer to get straight to the important points and tell me whether this product is going to help me frag! This review will be exactly that, it will be from the perspective of a top CGi Call of duty 4 player informing you on the pros and cons in a less than formal manner, hoping that others who also aren't so technical minded have the ability to relate a lot better.

Below is a picture of the product that i have been testing:


I will keep this section very short, as i said i don't want to go into much detail with this. I feel that for people that are interested though i will supply them with the following features and specs.


    Frequency response: 15 – 20, 000hz Type: 50mm Neodymium Magnet Speaker Impedance: 32 Ohm Cable length: 90cm + 210cm extension cord = 3m Connectors: 3.5 mm, mini-jack Sensitivity: 95+3dB


    Frequency response:100 – 10, 000 Hz Pick up pattern: Omni-Directional Sensitivity: -34+3dB Impedance: 2.2k Ohm Connector: 3.5mm plug Cable length: 270cm


    50mm 'Bass Enhanced' Drivers Auto-Adjustable Headband Volume control box/Extension cable Velvet Earpads External Microphone with On/Off switch Heavy Duty braided cables

Look and Feel

This is a very important factor that is so often overlooked. The look not so much, but the comfort of the product is a must in my eyes. Whats the point in buying an amazing headset that is going to be uncomfortable? Some might put up with it, others might toss it away all together. Luckily, this is not a problem at all with this headset. I have had many of headsets over the years and this is without a doubt the most comfortable one i have tried. You have the ability to wear this hours on end without noticing the slightest bit of discomfort.

This product is also surprisingly strong, over the last couple of months i have used it, it has certainly been through some wear and tear! Whether it be me knocking or dropping it on the ground or from me throwing it across the room from some rage in a CGi match, it has not diminished in the slightest. Still as good as it was when i first took it out of the box. I can't say the same for some of the other recent headsets i have had (I think i broke 4 in the space of the last year).

Looks aren't everything, maybe to the more casual gamer but for a higher tier player it isn't a big factor. This headset does look quite awesome though so i'll give it that.

General Use

Now we will move on to the important part of the review. I was lucky to receive this headset just before the start of the just completed CGi season. This was great as it gave me a lot of time to truly test it out as the season progressed, and gave me the opportunity to buy a new one before the season reached the pointy end if i wasn't fully satisfied. To be honest, when i was told it was a $69 headset i didn't expect to be keeping this for very long! Headsets i have used in the past have ranged from $100 right up to $250. To my complete surprise, it is now a week after the Grand final and i am still using it. I was really impressed.

The headset has its good and bad features when playing an FPS game. Firstly the sound quality is good, but not great. Your not going to put this headset on and go "OMG this sounds incredible", if you expect that you will be very unsatisfied. Your not going to think it is shit though, it is just "okay" to put it simply. You might be asking yourself at this point why did i continue to use this all season? Well the answer is... The directional sound is just incredible. For a $69 dollar headset, i still am wondering why it is so good. It is so easy to pin point where players are on the map from the slightest noises. Definitely a huge positive for me and the main reason i am still using it today. If i was still using my previous headset throughout the season i can almost guarantee i wouldn't have been getting the scores i was getting.

Cod 4 obviously wasn't the only game i tested this with over the last couple of months. I also used it playing Starcraft 2, Heroes of Newerth and shitty old black ops. SC 2 and HoN are obviously not as reliant on directional sound as an FPS game, so quality wise it could be better but it was still more than satisfactory.


Ultimately the decision to buy or not to buy this product is entirely up to the consumer. My 2 cents are as follows:

If your budget is is a little restricting, this is most definitely the product for you. For $69 you actually do receive an amazing headset for that price. Of course if you are willing to spend up to the $200 mark and even over you are going to find a better product than this, that is just a given.

If you are an FPS players this is a headset you should seriously consider. Directional sound heavily outweighs Quality of sound, and this headset sure does supply you with exceptional directional sound. If your are also a gamer who tends to spend hours at a time on the PC, the comfort of this headset can not be looked pass.

Overall, I really like this product and am still continuing to use it, i do highly recommend buying it.

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Decent review man.


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Decent review m8.

Maybe you should take gary's job at MSI because this is of a much higher quality than all of his work.


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He was a last resort for that job is what i heard. Everyone else said no to it.

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Connectors: 3.5 mm, mini-jack In saying this you mean there is no USB connector?


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Great review and the headset looks awesome as well.


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Good review.

Good to see something not full of marketing bias.


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great review


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good write up man


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i want some pleaseee


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Nice review, this mayo kid should be given a medal


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wow millah typing properly for once

what a pleasant suprise


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Nice review Millah


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Will try for $69