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3:38pm Oct 10th 11

Tomorrow night I'm going to an exclusive event hosted by EA Australia. I wanted to take this opportunity to ask questions on behalf of the CyberGamer community.

The guests that are at the event are:
Lars Gustavsson - Creative Director - Dice
Daniel Matros - Global Battlefield Community Manager - Dice

I'm not sure if I will actually have time to ask questions since I will get to play a non beta release and I'm not sure how many people are rocking up. But fire away and Ill try ask the questions I deem worthy =D



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3:40pm Oct 10th 11

Ill see you there xD


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3:43pm Oct 10th 11

I'm also attending, with about 11-12 other people from CG & ACL.


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3:44pm Oct 10th 11

hit Matros for being a faggot towards the community

and Lars print this out and give it to him -

Ben Teh Bozer

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3:47pm Oct 10th 11

Do you like pasta? Will there be much DLC? Will EA be working alongside to support both PC and console equally? Why were different maps chosen, compared to console and pc, specifically why was that console map chosen? (I forget the map name). Once the full game is release how long should we expect for a patch to arrive? Do you think the game has been developed more for the public players or more for the competitive side?
Antonio is such a hero. Oh your not an idiot, your just not very constructive.


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3:48pm Oct 10th 11

try not to ask retarded questions like what the above poster has said...

and before you reply and call me an idiot, all those questions have already been answered in one way or another.


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3:57pm Oct 10th 11

Seriously, as Anton Cooller pointed out, show them this thread.

Why in the world were these kind of people invited, would be good if someone with knowledge and understanding of what needs to be changed and asked should of been invited. So ridiculous.

Kyle :)

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4:18pm Oct 10th 11

Ask how many discs it will be on for xbox 360


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4:22pm Oct 10th 11

ask something like, since they have been adding more aircraft as the battle field games progress in the years coming, do they see anything revolving around air to air combat only as a battle ground for players thats dated in the 21st century instead of you know old school air craft like battlefield 1942 had for us.

or even ask how many more battlefields are to come, how long do they intend to keep the series running,


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4:33pm Oct 10th 11

Maybe should have read the other threads in general /locked