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Thread started by Blaze182 on Friday, 4:03pm February 24th with 332 replies. Views: 25,468


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4:15pm Feb 26th 12

81kgs + a fuck load of cardio if hes trying to gain/maintain weight sounds about right

Quote from No Mercy NZ on the 26th of February 2012
Spot on. I do about 15-18hours of cardio a week. If I don't replace with good carbs I litterally eat my muscle stores for energy..


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9:01pm Feb 26th 12

if your trying to get shredded theres no way u can eat close to what you are.. despite popular belief cardio isnt what makes u shredded the only thing that does that is eating under ur calories lolz

No Mercy NZ

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9:10pm Feb 26th 12

if your trying to get shredded theres no way u can eat close to what you are.. despite popular belief cardio isnt what makes u shredded the only thing that does that is eating under ur calories lolz

Quote from Anchorman on the 26th of February 2012
Yes and due to to amount of cardio hes doing he requires alot more calories to maintain therefore to be able to cut at a good pace he has to eat that amount of calories.


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9:36pm Feb 26th 12

Regardless of what my goals were physically, there is no way that I would be able to function without replacing my energy stores without 6 large meals per day. + supplements... On some days I burn 6000+ calories.

I am ripped as anything and have really good cardio and endurance, but this is at a deficit of bulk and strength. Short of roids the only thing that would make my bulking quicker would be cutting my cardio habits.

I have had my diet personally tailored for me by a dietician to ensure that I have sufficient protein, carbs and good sugars for each part of the day so that I can continue to function effectively.

If anyone is about to start a workout routine with a diet I suggest getting a good vitamin and mineral daily tablet. I take Swisse Men's Ultivite and swear by it. It just keeps you from getting lows in minerals which might lack from exercise/ diet change.


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9:39pm Feb 26th 12

Out of curiosity, what do you do to burn so much energy?


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9:40pm Feb 26th 12

Cycle, run, dance and workout (P90X - atm)

Big Bad Wilson

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10:02pm Feb 26th 12

Goal: Rip/ gain

Quote from 'Donkey on the 26th of February 2012
At 81kg this is near impossible. 1 or the other.


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2:50am Feb 27th 12

HIIT cardio only, long distance sprinting is bad for gains.


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2:18pm Feb 27th 12

Why not post this in the health and fitness section ? It's there for a reason..


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2:46pm Feb 27th 12

Keen, I did this over at also. It's what got me into fitness stuff! :)

Name: Chris
Age: 20
Goal: Lose weight + Tone up (Time for abs!)


Monday – Crossfit Body weight workout[/b]
Example (not always the same ;))
60 Wall balls (4kg ball)
60 Squats
60 Pushups
60 Bench Dip
60 pull-up (70lb assist)

Tuesday – Crossfit body weight workout

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Crossfit body weight workout

Friday - Crossfit Personal training (weights!)

Saturday - Crossfit boy weight workout

Sunday - Rest

Diet: Clean food, lots of protein and minimal/0 carbs. Not too much dairy either (besides protein shakes)

Professional Whey

Weight: ~91kg @ 6'4[/spoiler]

No Mercy NZ

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2:48pm Feb 27th 12

Mate have carbs theres really no need to not have them and its gona make u feel like shit


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2:55pm Feb 27th 12

Not a part of Paleo :)

I usually have carbs in my cheat meals anyway.

The paleolithic diet (abbreviated paleo diet or paleodiet), also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that various hominid species habitually consumed during the Paleolithic era-a period of about 2.5 million years duration that ended around 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture. In common usage, such terms as the "Paleolithic diet" also refer to the actual ancestral human diet.[1][2] Centered on commonly available modern foods, the "contemporary" Paleolithic diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.[1][3][4]

No grans, legumes, dairy, salt, sugar and processed oils.

So what I usually eat is:
Meat (Home made marinade or just spices) + Salad/Veggies

No Mercy NZ

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3:30pm Feb 27th 12

I did a pretty lengthy cut for a second half of last year and experimented abit with carb intake and all cutting carbs did was fuck me over in the gym and make me feel like shit, results were alot better once I re added them back into my diet.


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3:32pm Feb 27th 12

Well I guess crossfit is a bit different.
I'm going to give it a go anyway.

Crossfit produces people like this, so it can't be that terrible :)

Rick Froning Jr. WInner of Crossfit games 2011

No Mercy NZ

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3:38pm Feb 27th 12

Dont really think carbs have anything to do with crossfit, but if you want to look like that u sure as hell need carbs.

IMO only time you need to drop carbs is if u are preparing for a contest or trying to drop that last % or 2 of bf and are plateauing.