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11:53pm Mar 12th 12

Just launched our new website today, thanks goes to spartdan who designed the site, been in the works for a few weeks glad to finally get it up. Still adding some content and tweaking backend stuff, but shouldnt be noticeable. We wanted a nice clean site and are happy with it.

We will be running a few comps here and there so stay tuned, on our website and facebook!



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12:11am Mar 13th 12


I can't imagine this is right?


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12:12am Mar 13th 12

It look's shit compared to your old website.


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12:20am Mar 13th 12

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Lexi B

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12:33am Mar 13th 12

yo Tal guess what? [SPOILER=SPOILER: nice face yang]http://www.sql-gaming.com/forum/uploads/8481500e1eef6475d949500e5b915f6c.jpg[/SPOILER]


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12:40am Mar 13th 12

bahahahaha nice cuzzy!


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12:45am Mar 13th 12

I think the old one looked better but this still looks cleaner and fresh though.


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1:10pm Mar 13th 12

i like it, clean and simple.


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3:14pm Mar 13th 12

Yeah not as good as your old site, all your previous one needed was more content. Good luck on the new layout hopefully there is more content to come.

Lexi B

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4:11pm Mar 13th 12

josh/kenji made the last one i think thats why they are looking for change


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6:46am Mar 14th 12

Probably want to remove the "Change Theme" option as it breaks the website.

Looks nifty otherwise.


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8:03am Mar 14th 12

Looks pretty mint but as others have said probably a good idea to ove the "Change Theme" option