TecMasters PTY LTD looking for...

TecMasters PTY LTD looking for a coder

TecMasters PTY LTD looking for a coder

Thread started by AVANTWez on Wednesday, 4:33pm March 28th with 4 replies. Views: 702


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4:33pm Mar 28th 12 and edited 2:12pm Mar 29th 12

Hello all,

I am looking for some one who can work with zen cart or open cart.

Although we are happy if some one wants to re do the site using a different open source cart.

(Paid WORK) If keen please add tecminfo to skype.

Thank you


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5:39pm Mar 28th 12

>90% of the code is done
>make some huge changes


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7:04pm Mar 28th 12

as in you will not need to make the site from the ground up, most of the changes only require plugin's all ready been made for zen cart.


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3:21pm Mar 30th 12

PM me what exactly you want done, I should be able to help with majority of things.


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3:37pm Apr 2nd 12

PM me, I work with opencart daily.