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11:21am Apr 15th 12

Some people are just dumb. There is no "circle jerk" going on in the AC team, it is called a team decision.
Saying you use your cheats to spectate other players isnt an excuse, there is an AC team to do that and obviously they do thier job well catching you.

Quote from A.P on the 15th of April 2012
He admitted it didn't he? AC team didn't catch shit lmao xx


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11:23am Apr 15th 12

use cheats and get banned

Quote from conkaa on the 15th of April 2012
People don't seem to grasp the concept that I don't even cheat..
Cleared all the requested demos they got off me (including EVERY nvidia game), still labelled as if I cheated in nvidia quals or anything promod for that matter


Quote from A.P on the 15th of April 2012
Holy shit... How many times does it need to be explained to this complete and utter moron why he actually got banned?? I should do what half of your team told me to do last night and just forum ban you, because you are making them and yourself look like idiots.


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11:25am Apr 15th 12

Your such a beautiful person Herbert Bertrand.

Quote from xipho on the 15th of April 2012

I can't find that sweet photo of the stylish old man I had.


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11:27am Apr 15th 12

Isnt there something here that said you cheated against mindfreak in something, even if it was a scrim.
Having cheats, using them. I would ban you if i was on the AC team. I can say I have never had cheats on my computer or used them against anyone, you can not. pretty simple.

I feel as though disrespecting the people who admin and actually contribute time and effort for everyone to play here is just rediculous. Playign on CG and at LAN is a prevelidge you have to earn by playing by the rules. Just becasue you play here doesnt mean you can make the decisions. I guess you cant expect much from this community though


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11:29am Apr 15th 12

The idiot cheaters are the ones ruining it for everyone F*CK OFF C*NTS

(still believe conkaa is clean......)


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11:33am Apr 15th 12

I've missed this community so fucking much!

This is so much better than Home and Away!

easter dads

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11:33am Apr 15th 12

Logs shouldn't mean shit. Previously when I have submitted evidence they haven't, why is it different now? I know for one I have told people I cheat when I'm getting accused in a sarcastic way, but you can't tell that with logs. They shouldn't matter. Don't bring in anything to do with logs because I know for a fact that if I submitted some evidence which was backed up by the logs then the logs would be disregarded straight away.


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11:35am Apr 15th 12

Don't see how online cheating could affect you playing at LAN though? - Is someone really going to cheat at LAN especially with most likely 50+ cod gamers alone spectating everyone. I don't see the point in making him exempt from the LAN event. Its a whole different medium.

Quote from demzy on the 15th of April 2012


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11:35am Apr 15th 12