CGo: Teknicity eSports vs CRUX...

CGo: Teknicity eSports vs CRUX Crew

CGo: Teknicity eSports vs CRUX Crew

Thread started by Killadinho on Saturday, 10:05pm April 21st with 3 replies. Views: 754


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10:05pm Apr 21st 12

Teams: Teknicity eSports vs CRUX Crew
Score: 1 - 2 (CRUX Crew's way)
Date: 9:00pm Saturday the 21st of April 2012
Map: Map 1: CyberGamer Stadium
CyberGamer Competition: FIFA 12 Ladder - View Match Details

Teknicity eSportsCRUX Crew


Was not a good day come EA SERVERS haha, having to replay 2 matches.
First game:
I managed to choke 2 0 up , final score ended up being 3all.

Second Game:
Dave just dominated, couldn't get my passes/shots right. Was 3 0 dave but then along came EA Servers disconnecting him meaning the game HAD to be replayed.

Second Game Replay:
So i was 1 nil up early but dave managed to crawl his way back with a nice double from Kaka and someone else scored think it was neymar. 3-1 Dave's way.

Ok, the rule is if there was one draw and a win each. The game would be settled on aggregate. So I had to win by 2 goals.
Third Game:
So i started off slow 2 1 up at half time then two late goals put me in front by 2 on the 82min so i was looking good of a spot in the final.

Nek Minnit

EA Servers come along and Disconnect me F****. Bad timing :(

Third Game Replay:
Knowing i had to win by 2 goals i just went all out only managing to win 2 1.

Final Score: 2-1 Dave's way earning him a spot in the Grand Final v Mindfreak Brett.

I want to wish dave the best of luck in his final which I'm sure he will win :)
Thanks again for the game mate , and well done to CRUX CREW for picking up such a great player.


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10:10pm Apr 21st 12

Unlucky teKnicity.

GG Crux Crew.


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11:43pm Apr 21st 12

Cheers for the kind words Killa, was a shame that EA played a part in our games, but overall all 5 games where of high quality with some cracking well planned goals scored and where the types of games except from the #1 and #2 seeds, eagerly looking forward to the next and BOL next season

Nice write up as well


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7:12pm Apr 22nd 12

WOW THATS SHIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!