CGo: Crimson vs You Be Dead S...

CGo: Crimson vs You Be Dead Sucker!

CGo: Crimson vs You Be Dead Sucker!

Thread started by iTz Yoshi v23 on Tuesday, 8:59am April 24th with 16 replies. Views: 725

iTz Yoshi v23

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8:59am Apr 24th 12

Teams: Crimson vs You Be Dead Sucker!
Score: 16 - 8 (Crimson 's way)
Date: 8:30pm Monday the 23rd of April 2012
Map: Hardhat
CyberGamer Competition: MW3 S&D Ladder - View Match Details

CrimsonYou Be Dead Sucker!
Elxmo xo
Im a little Excited
Xx iRaPtuRe
choonga lad
omg a sniper

Sorry there is no screenshots I thought frowny was doing the writeup but I guess he got busy. Anyway thanks YBDSfor the game was good fun and BOL in the future.

First Half:9-3 Crimson's Way
Having not played the map before or scrimmed for that matter I was a but worried on how the boys would perform. But they proved me wrong by taking the first 5 rounds with ease (I think there was only 6 deaths on outlr team) We were looking to go 12-0 but unfortunately that ended in the 6th due to an unusual geek nade from Yooshhi to team kill me( I was 8-0 lolz ). We also dropped rounds 9 and 11 but were in a very strong position to win the game. MVPs in the first half Gerttz and myself only 30points seperating both of us Gerttz win 6 bomb plants and still managing to go positive while I went 16-3 with one bomb plant

Second Half: 7-5 Crimson Way Text much larger than default
Boys started to get a bit cocky in the second dropping the first 2 rounds fairly easily. But we then screwed our heads on and managed to win the next 3. After winning the 7th we knew we had won but that didn't settle for the win. Tiesto v Diplo doing exceptionally well in the 8th managing to rush with a subby and getting a four down only stopped by Gerttz stealing his kill. MVPs in the second half were Yooshhi and Diplo managing to get 14+ kills each
Again thanks to YBDS and well done the crimson lads

Loser boy Bradoze

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9:36am Apr 24th 12

Second Half: 7-5 Crimson Way Text much larger than default

Quote from iTzYoshiv23 on the 24th of April 2012
i like that part lol.

good write up

GG guys

iTz Yoshi v23

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9:53am Apr 24th 12

Lol wasn't meant to be there didn't have aimbot on my mouse lolz


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12:17pm Apr 24th 12

good win great live stream...


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12:20pm Apr 24th 12

good win crimson GG


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2:22pm Apr 24th 12

Yeah Boys, my geek nade = skill. Haha Keen for tonights game against Unique

iTz Yoshi v23

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2:23pm Apr 24th 12

Aye should be a good game hopefully get a result and push for finals in the weeks to come


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3:11pm Apr 24th 12

Nice win Crimson

BOL in the future


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3:15pm Apr 24th 12

Good win Crimson!


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3:35pm Apr 24th 12

I hope mp5k hd was watching the live stream as me and yooshii were giving him a shoutout....


iTz Yoshi v23

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3:38pm Apr 24th 12



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3:58pm Apr 24th 12

Good win crimson


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4:14pm Apr 24th 12

nice win crimson! yoshi <3

Frowny FTW

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4:20pm Apr 24th 12

GG guys definitely outplayed on hardhat

and if you guys are planning finals you will have to start having some games on the finals maps


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4:57pm Apr 24th 12

Nicee win lads
Lova ya Green man <3