Swikz [Underground Highlights]

Swikz [Underground Highlights]

Swikz [Underground Highlights]

Thread started by Sitch. on Wednesday, 12:17pm April 25th with 7 replies. Views: 663


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12:17pm Apr 25th 12


Few edited clips nothing special...

Sorry havent been editing lately as FCP X crashed so i have to re install it so will be back on track sometime this week...

and if you didnt see my edit for walsh, here it is:



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12:26pm Apr 25th 12 and edited 12:38pm Apr 25th 12

if we're still gonna do that thing you need to record for me ;)

Maptage is decent, would have been better if there was a decent CC though


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12:35pm Apr 25th 12

nice play on the odc
nice edit

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12:35pm Apr 25th 12

Looks good man nice work:)


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12:47pm Apr 25th 12

Machine swikz!


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12:51pm Apr 25th 12

Like the clips

And also pretty gud edit too ( sitch )

keep it up !


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1:36pm Apr 25th 12

Nice work!


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3:44pm Apr 25th 12

Mad shit sitch!!!

When u doing mine