Proximity LFM, Were back :)

Proximity LFM, Were back :)

Proximity LFM, Were back :)

Thread started by 'Blastn on Sunday, 2:05pm April 29th with 22 replies. Views: 1,119


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2:05pm Apr 29th 12

We are back!
We are aiming to make leagues and think we will have the experience needed!
Going back to the original black ops line-up should be good!
Looking for league experienced players!

The team page:

Current Line up

- blaastN
- Roidzy
- insomnia
- BDuBBz ( Maybe )
- Shady
- JeRk
- MasFx

Pm myself or any captain!


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2:13pm Apr 29th 12

Strong line up BOL

Little King Lowe

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2:14pm Apr 29th 12

Repstige ?
Good strong line up
Should do well in CGa as they have just formed and a few players might be a bit rusty.
BOL finding members.


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2:14pm Apr 29th 12

Jerk hes back !

Good team BOL

Shady NZ

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2:15pm Apr 29th 12

Sure is, he is back next week.

Daft Punk

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2:18pm Apr 29th 12

BOL Fellas !


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2:19pm Apr 29th 12

heard itxmz is lfc


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2:34pm Apr 29th 12

If Bdubbz joins you don't need to pick anyone else up bro, it is a machine lineup the way it is.

Should be CGm in no time at all. <3 you boys.


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2:34pm Apr 29th 12

insomina is poo bl

so is bdubz lol

best of luck dudes, were a good team back in the bo days


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2:40pm Apr 29th 12

pick me up


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2:41pm Apr 29th 12

look out Cga+ nothing lest shady<3 best of luck guys


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2:43pm Apr 29th 12

Solid team and the Chemistry is farking amazing! Im going to see how i can go about getting an xbox going! Sooo Keen!


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2:45pm Apr 29th 12

Knew you would be back Shady!


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2:49pm Apr 29th 12

Repstige ?

Quote from Little King Lowe on the 29th of April 2012
l0l he was never the the real team
anyways beast team bol guys!


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2:49pm Apr 29th 12

Go to see your all back