Fallen Facebook Giveaway!+ GFX...

Fallen Facebook Giveaway!+ GFX Sponsorship!

Fallen Facebook Giveaway!+ GFX Sponsorship!

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5:30pm Apr 29th 12 and edited 5:41pm Apr 29th 12

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Hey guys
We have recently announced our Facebook Giveaway and you guys have bin great following us, we are now at over 100 likes less then 50 more to go and we draw a winner! So head over to our Facebook page and hit that like button!

When we hit 150 Facebook likes, we will draw out a winner and the prize will be:
1500 Microsoft Points!
so head over to our Facebook page and smack that LIKE button!
The winner will be announced via Facebook at 150 Likes!!
We would also like to use this time to thank our new sponsor Exclusive Designs! They are a new and upcoming graphics team that was founded by APE5HOW in late March 2012.
They are looking to branch out over time as they would like to start making quality graphics and designs to clients asap!
They are also currently looking for designers so if you would like to apply please PM APE5HOW, this would be a great opportunity for any new designers looking to start somewhere.
Also don't forget to like there Facebook Page as they will be doing give aways such as free GFX, Sponsorship and more!


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5:37pm Apr 29th 12

Well done Fallen.


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5:39pm Apr 29th 12

Good work fallen , I'm sure the graphics will be amazing


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6:35pm Apr 29th 12

Good work Fallen! Congratulations on the new sponsorship


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6:36pm Apr 29th 12

good work liked