Funny MW3 Killcam (Hilarious)

Funny MW3 Killcam (Hilarious)

Funny MW3 Killcam (Hilarious)

Thread started by TrollingParadise on Monday, 4:40am May 7th with 21 replies. Views: 1,148

4:40am May 7th 12


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5:41am May 7th 12

Whats so funny about that?

Loser boy Bradoze

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5:47am May 7th 12

i get it! cause the guy is flying he believes he can touch the sky!

Nutty Da Author

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5:54am May 7th 12

......not funny


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5:56am May 7th 12

And why is your channel the #1 Channel for "Comedy & Trolling Videos"?


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6:13am May 7th 12



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6:22am May 7th 12

My facial expression did not change in the slightest throughout that video.


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6:27am May 7th 12

That was pointless.

And posted in the wrong section.


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7:36am May 7th 12



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7:47am May 7th 12

Whats so funny about that?

Quote from 'Steelah on the 7th of May 2012
It's funny because u don't see that on cod every day


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8:38am May 7th 12

Funny part for me was where he stabbed the guy from about 2 metres away without the knife even getting close. Lol.


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9:24am May 7th 12

it wasnt funny but it was pretty cool haha


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10:44am May 7th 12

how does one knife from that far away and get the kill without the knife touching his opponent?


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11:05am May 7th 12

No fuunay , fat guy get smashed is fuunier here the link : .............


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11:12am May 7th 12